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As stated in our waiver form, we require notification of inactivation of membership and auto debit for monthly tuition by email at least one week prior to the next billing cycle (the first of the month). No credits or refunds will be issued if notified after processing of payment. We understand that some medical and other reasons may result in pausing memberships/tuition outside of this perimeter and will issue credits in these circumstances; otherwise, it is our policy that students finish the remainder of the month that has been committed to. Upon returning, please send us an email to reactivate your membership and communicate with us your membership plan.

Make Up Classes

We try to make our attendance options flexible for our students as we don't require you to be locked into a specific day for class. For example, if you can't make it on your typically attended class day, you can come to any of the other options for the week at your convenience.  For makeup classes, our policy is that absences be made up within a reasonable amount of time (within one month or so of the absence) during an active membership. Makeup classes can be done by taking any class in your level or in another discipline (ie. BJJ students can take Beginner's Karate or Boxing or visa versa). Students are not to collect makeup classes and use them over an extended timeframe. Makeup classes can also be anticipated. If you know you will be absent sometime during the month, you are welcome to makeup the class prior to the absence. 


Our monthly tuition is based on a 4 week month so those of you with a one class per week membership may have 4-5 classes per month and those of you with 2 classes per week membership may have 8-10 classes per month depending on the month.


We understand parking is limited in the area; however, we need the parking lot to be left open for us and for other tenants of the building. Please don't park in the parking lot and ideally drop off students without pulling into the lot as there are many kids coming and going from the building.


We have limited access to borrowed gear (ie. boxing gloves, sparring gear). We will have gear to borrow for trial students but if you are a member, it is important that you have your own gear that you maintain and bring to classes. We allow students to leave gear bags at the dojo but they must be taken home for gear to be cleaned and aired out on a regular basis.

Lost and Found

Please regularly check our abundant L&F stash before we donate items.

Class Time Logistics

Please make sure to sign in for every class (adults too!) clearly and state if the attendance is a drop in or makeup class if applicable. Also, be sure to bring a reusable, filled water bottle to all classes. 

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