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Grandma thought for a moment in the house open, "You did not call the children called off." Xu Gang still kneeling on the ground, holding scared silly about the Tigers, looking grandmother "Ma, Ma aunt, then how to do ah." Then, all of a sudden my father saw the side of me, and then the rest of the pharynx to the stomach and watched the grandmother "mom, let's go, this time your joy ah. "Yeah, Huijuan, what are you pregnant, ah, a few months you, ye did not call home to notify it soon." My dad was relatively calm, holding her grandmother looked at the doctor, "in addition to distinguish between men and women, the other normal now." I shook my head "Nothing ah, but we hell, grandmother, and he could see! He seems to be afraid, but I hear your words uttered, that thing was gone, a kid's. Winnipeg Jets jerseys customized Grandma nodded "from the start.

The second is after I went to school, we learn school town school organization autumn outing, picnic, in our piece of the hill that I was scheduled to pick up firewood, I did not expect a person farther, a I turned around and saw a snake was looking at me, shaking body, do like attack, I was scared urine." I sniffed at him, do not know three lame to say what he meant, after a while children, the sun must downhill, I saw three lame from his pit dug out a thing, that thing I know, I see someone sold at the market, said the grandmother called ginseng. Winnipeg Jets jerseys for sale Sister and grandmother that seems to be in no memos sister when an accident left her husband with another woman also ran, so Aunt sister had grown up together with her grandmother, mother grandmother called them, outsiders thought pro, in fact, they are with their father are cousins. I did not open eyes, but her grandmother's arms stand up to the arch of the arch, I know, what I do have concealed from her grandmother." "Hey, white boy did it hurt, really want to leave you and I grew up I would hate ah. "Hey! Son!" I went in chase, but the children had disappeared, turned, directly on the elevator doors closed.

" "Ah, yes, the first time. Winnipeg Jets jerseys for kids " Heels are out." I kowtow to this, it feels terrible stomach ache, knock three teeth, ears suddenly heard the children seemed clear laughter "Hey, sister, hehe ~ ~" I look directly to the grandmother, "basking, children, children!" Grandma hand touched my head, "okay, Grandmother children to you, please come home, he can be considered some Daoxing, your fate before, so he has been guarding you, then, he will protect you ." Xu Gang glanced "Well, she is, the shoes I forgot how you burn it, aunt, you take me to burn, ah, the family did not leave her things, unlucky ah, if she took me Damn thing, how can these things happen, but also with three lame cheating that old bachelor son, my head in the village are suppressed ah this coming! "said Xu Gang, that posture is anxious sky and shouts, and filling his mouth a big wine. Winnipeg Jets jerseys china "Grandma, you count on me?" I look puzzled to see the grandmother." "Not expensive, thirty one, in that the theme park, you all right collar granddaughter play a play chant, for the first time to the big city, little town with this immeasurably.