Fitness Kickboxing

FITNESS KICKBOXING Raul Castillo Martial Arts offers a unique version of the popular fitness workout cardio kickboxing in the Fitness Boxing women ONLY class. The Fitness Kickboxing class is co taught by instructors Adam Piccolotti and Charlene Coats and requires no experience to get started. The instructors offer a workout that blends elements of boxing/kickboxing with traditional aerobics, circuit training, stability training and weight toning. It is a total body workout known for increasing strength, flexibility, stability, coordination and endurance while burning large amounts of calories. The unconventional style of Fitness Kickboxing keeps the body and mind challenged and engaged to maximize results and dramatically increase fitness levels. Traditional drills may include exercises such as running, jumping and pushups. Nontraditional drills are based on natural gymnastics which are exercises that combine the stretching and flexibility of yoga, the ground movements of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and natural movements of the human body. Light weight toning with both the more conventional free weights and the less conventional TRX are also combined with these drills to guarantee muscle confusion for maximum development. The class continues the rigorous workout with mitt and bag work.  This does require the use of wraps and gloves and for hygiene purposes students are encouraged to purchase their own for class. Abdominal work and stretching are also incorporated throughout the class to complete the full body workout. Come try your first class FREE!!